In a world where conformity often overshadows individuality, the self-made individual stands as a testament to the power of one’s will and determination. Their narrative is not just about defying the norms, but about sculpting one’s destiny from the raw material of ambition, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

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We go beyond skills development by offering guidance and resources to help young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses. Our entrepreneurship support includes mentorship, access to capital, and assistance in business planning and marketing strategies.

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Our Story

Empowering the Youth of Africa to Build a Self-Sufficient Future

Self Made Africa was founded on the belief that empowering the youth is the cornerstone of building a prosperous and sustainable future for Africa. We recognize the immense potential that resides in the young generation and strive to unlock it through targeted training programs and support systems.

Our initiatives focus on skills development, entrepreneurship support, and community engagement. We offer a diverse range of training programs to equip the youth with essential skills, including but not limited to:

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Tech Skills

We provide comprehensive training in programming, web development, and digital marketing to prepare young individuals for the rapidly evolving tech industry.

IoT, GPS solutions

Our IoT training programs enable participants to harness the power of connected devices and applications, fostering innovation in various sectors. We also do commercial asset tracking solutions

Community impact

Uplifting one another – Self Made Africa provides training and support to young Africans to excel in business and innovation.

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